Parquet Floor sanding, repair & renovation in London

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We've been carrying out Parquet sanding, repair and restoration for many years. We take care to match wood if we have to replace or repair. And even if there's a gap where an old wall was, or a fireplace has been removed, we can restore your parquet to it's proper condition.

Below is an example of a job in Barnet, where the parquet was in reasonable condition, but was looking a little tired and too dark for the modern room:

Parquet with dark varnish, having been partially sanded back.

Here the Parquet had been a little warn and was too dark for the room. The shot shows the room in the early stages of being sanded, ready for revarnishing.
The floor has been repaired and sanded and a new, lighter varnish applied

The floor, with its new coat of lighter varnish now makes the room feel more modern and bright, with a fresh, contemporary look, incorporating traditional parquet.

Why parquet?

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Parquet floor is another great option of laying wood on the floor, and parquet blocks are well known for their elegant and affluent appearance. Parquet blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns that are suited for use in schools, sport halls, dance floors and restaurants in London.

So what exactly is parquet flooring?

Well basically it is the used of wooden blocks laid down on the floor to make a patterned effect - angular: squares, triangles, lozenges. The most popular parquet flooring pattern is the herringbone.

Parquet floor repair services

Parquet floor repair, sanding and restoration Parquet floors always look good when they are well kept, clean and polished, and the use of parquetry in flooring goes back to 17th century France.

It is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces which are used for decorative effect, and a magical effect that can be when they are laid professionally. Parquet floors rarely need sanding or restoration apart from issues with it we mention further down the page.

Parquetry, as a word, is derived from the French 'parqueterie', and we believe that the trend in parquet flooring dated back to circa 1684 when the French used it in the Palace of Versailles. Roll it forward to today and we find that parquet is a normal choice for more upmarket residences.

Parquet blocks are routinely made from oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine, maple, and occasionally from coloured mahogany and other tropical hardwoods. The discerning floor layer will be looking for contrast in the colours and grains of the wood blocks being used.

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Bamboo, though not technically wood, is becoming more and more popular, and the advantage of using bamboo is that it is so fast growing and easily replenished, unlike the hardwoods which may take over 100 years to mature.

Cleaning a parquet floor is best achieved by brushing and mopping, though an occasional hand polish never does any harm. We discourage the use of upright vacuum cleaners as can scratch and wear the surface as grit particles become embedded in the spinning brushes. If the floor needs repair or refurbishment over time, elements can be replaced and repaired.

Of course, this is where our service for sanding and renovation parquet floors comes in, and we can bring yours back to life and looking like new in no time at all.

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Last update: 13.02.2017