Floor sanding frequently asked questions

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Q. Is the sanding process dust free?

A. Yes, it is. With our modern technology machines the work will be done with minimal dust. Floor sanding machines are virtually dust free due to their powerful suction and large dust collection bags. Of course, we always ensure the room is spotless once the work is done

Q. Do I have to clear the room before you arrive?

A. Yes please. We base our quote on an empty room, moved furniture and floor covering removed. Please see our price guide for additional charges.

Q. How long does the work take?

A. We can only tell you that on appraising the work to be done. How long depends on conditions, amount of repairs needed and the size of the area. Around 2 days to complete 20 sq m with boards in relatively good condition.

Q. Do I decorate before sanding process?

A. It can be both ways. We would recommend decorating first. Bear in mind that the edging machine will slightly damage the skirting boards. It would be best to apply the last coat of paint on the skirting boards after the floor is done.

Q. When can I move my furniture back?

A. The varnish we use is quick drying so you can walk on the floor about 4-5 hours after its last coat wearing just socks. We would recommend light traffic and an extra 24 hours for the varnish to completely cure before placing furniture on the floor.

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Q. Do I need to provide parking permits?

A. Yes, please. It is very difficult to find where to park in London and we kindly ask our clients to provide us permits for resident bays.

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Last update: 30.10.2015