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Based in Barnet, we're ideally suited for wood floor sanding in Haringey, being just over ten minutes drive away. Use our online enquiry form, or call us on 020 8368 5705 for immediate service.

We carry out floor sanding in London boroughs and we cover others in the immediate area include Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest.

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Services we offer for wood floors - not just sanding...

Floor sanding is only a small part of the services we offer. We can take a 'whole job approach' for you, including initial preparation of the room by removal of existing carpets or lino. For damaged floor, we offer a superb wooden floor repair option. This can include anything from filling gaps, replacing floorboards and even specialist jobs like parquet floor restoration (see more details here). If you just want your wood floor sanded, then that's fine, but we can also offer a number of treatments. These include waxing, oiling, whitewashing, staining and, of course, varnishing. We can supply materials, or use your own choices and we're always patient and helpful with choices. Contact us for a free quotation, or more details.

Floor sanding Haringey - by Floor Renovations

If you're looking for Floor sanding in Haringey , look no further!

Of historical note: Haringey was settled as far back as the Stone Age and prior to the Romans was home to a Celtic tribe. Apart from roads, there is evidence of possible Roman settlement. Haringey was largely rural until the 18th century. As with much of London, the coming of the railways from the mid-nineteenth century onwards led to rapid urbanisation and this led to massive house building from then on which accounts for the large number of houses with wooden floors suitable for sanding.

Haringey, Harringay & Hornsey in use today are all different variations of the same Old English: Haeringes-hege. Haering (a Saxon chief who probably lived in the area), giving rise to. Haering's Hege or 'Haering's enclosure' which then evolved into the current names, above. For more details and references on Haringey, click here.

We don't just sand floors, we also clear old flooring, repair / replace wood and varnish or offer a number of other treatments.

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So, for floor sanding in Haringey, call us on 020 8368 5705 or you can use our online enquiry form, without obligation on your part and we'll call or e-mail you back, as you prefer.


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