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Welcome to Floor Renovations, your local London wood floor sanding and restoration company. This is a family run business, based in Barnet, North London, which has been refurbishing wooden floors and serving serving London clients for over twelve years, since 2006. You can book with confidence, knowing that as wood floor renovation experts your floor sanding and refurbishment needs will be properly and professionally catered for.

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We work at homes, businesses and schools.

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Wood floor sanding and sealing in North London, by Floor renovations

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See our HUGE number of testimonials from people just like you that have completely altered the look and feel of their rooms thanks to our wood floor sanding and sealing services.

The video below also shows a couple of video testimonials from recent customers, in their own words, and also some examples of our work. If you wish to see more sanding testimonials click here.

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Our tried and tested methods of sanding floors can make a tired looking wooden floor look perfect as we breathe new life into it. And yes, we do the edges as well!

Now it's your turn to feel great about your wooden floor again, and it all starts with a free consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable floor sanding experts.

You can see what our customers say about us, both here and at our Google page, as well as our Facebook page.The polish isn't just in our floors, it's in our service too!

As with any other business involving practical applications, we believe that it is our dedication to the work in hand, and the careful preparation that leads to our success, as floor sanding done properly and professionally is not an easy task.

Bringing your old wooden flooring a fresh new look with Floor Renovations...

No matter whether you have a hardwood floor made from beech, walnut or more usually oak or have a softwood floor made from pine, Douglas fir or yew wood, our technicians have vast experience in dealing with these types of wood. They also fix damaged wooden floors, whether they are old or new, made from solid boards or parquet or herringbone blocks. The floor sanding process makes a complete finished job without cutting any corners, and only quality varnish and finishes are used to complete the restoration.

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Surveys  such as USA today show that when looked after, real wood floors often command a premium over carpets or laminates in a property sale. From that point of view alone, it pays to take care of your wooden flooring and regard it as an investment over time. Properties in London often have wooden floors hidden under lino or carpets. You may well have floorboards or if you're lucky even a parquet floor!

When properly maintained and looked after, wood floors can last for hundreds of years. Leaving wood untreated, however, can lead to minor marks becomming more serious damage over time. This is where we enter the equation with our sanding services for wooden floors of all types.

Before sanding:

Floor warn - before it is sanded

Before - floor
prepared ready to sand...

After sanding and varnishing:

Floor after it has been sanded and sealed - in this case, varnished.

After - floor sanded and one or more coats of varnish applied.

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What is floor sanding?

With wooden floors, this is where the top layer of wood is scarified away, using sandpaper, in order to remove a stained and damaged surface. The process allows the fresher, newer wood, that sits below the surface to be revealed. Now this process can be achieved a number of ways, but the professional way is to use a belt sander. If done professionally, a dustless sander should be used, which will remove the majority of sawdust as it is created, thus keeping the room in question cleaner and helping to create an even result.

Certain wood finishes can clog the abrasive material used to strip the wood back and so this has to be removed first to improve results. Sanding is not of course the only treatment needed on old wooden floors. Sometimes a floor will have been badly pitted, or split and need filling. Floorboards or parquet may be broken or missing and need replacement and repair before the floor can be sanded. In addition, some floorboards have large or unsightly gaps that need filling before the floor is finished and different techniques may be used if appropriate, to achieve this where possible. If a floor has repairs, care must also be taken to replace the wood with an appropriate wood and pattern, or the end result will be affected. For best results the wood types will be matched and similar age wood replacements used to fill gaps if deemed necessary by the technician.

Once a floor has been repaired and sanded, various finishes are available to protect the newly exposed wood and help keep the flooring in good order.

Last update: 10.01.2019