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At Floor Renovations, we're right on your doorstep if you need floor sanding in Barnet. Just call 020 8368 5705 for a quick quotation, with our best online prices! Our services include floor repair as necessary, staining and sealing and re-varnishing. If you prefer, you can use our online enquiry form and we'll call you, to give a free quotation, without obligation on your part.


Floor sanding and sealing in Barnet, London
Floor Renovations are right on your doorstep, if you live in Barnet and want floor sanding. We can carry our floor sanding and wooden floor repair at affordable prices and offer free on-site estimates, with no obligation on your part...


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Restored floor gallery

Testimonial transcript from video recommendation:

I've just had my floors refinished by Floor Renovations. As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful. I wish that you could see the original version of the floors because there were a lot of challenges here we had different colours, different flooring, it was a bit of a mix-match and it is absolutely stunning. It has exceeded all of my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Fantastic job and most appreciated.

Mary Claire-Butler

Below are a series of images taken at a Barnet property, as we restored the wood flooring to a 'good as new' condition. I'm sure you'll agree it thoroughly modernised the room. We were faced with a floor that had been painted and furniture sitting within the middle of the floor had also scuffed that paint. The result was a rather tired looking surface.

Floor in poor condition, with old painted surface
Tired, worn painted wooden floor
Most of the paint has been sanded off...
Most of the paint has been stripped away

Floor sanded, revealing the natural beauty of the wood
Fully sanded, the natural beauty of the wood is revealed
Wood is now varnished, to enhance and protect the wood floor surface.
Now this floor has been varnished to enhance the natural wood colour and protect the surface.


Here's a recent video of our Floor sanding, as an example of what we can do for Barnet floors.

Floor Renovations is right in the midst of Barnet and we offer wooden floor repairs,  floor sanding, and staining and varnishing etc. throughout the surrounding area and London. 

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We're stone's throw from other boroughs like Ealing, Enfield and Newham. Where necessary to give you an accurate quotation for your floor, we will come to your site and confirm prices. We pride ourselves on being very keenly priced, while at the same time, offering fantastic value for money.

Historical note: Barnet's historic heritage is one of the reasons why it has so many old houses with  wooden floors.  Did you know, Barnet is short for High Barnet or Chipping Barnet and is in the London Borough of Barnet? Built around a twelfth-century settlement, Barnet belonged to the County of Hertfordshire until 1965. The town's name derives from an ancient settlement, recorded as Barneto c.1070, and means 'the land cleared by burning', from Old English barnet (it was once a densely forested area). See more on Barnet's history here

Many houses in Barnet, have wooden floors (although, if you're looking for floor sanding services and live in the area, you?re probably already aware that!). Because of the periods of building of the housing stock, there are often wonderful wooden floors simply waiting to be revealed under old lino and carpets. These hidden treasures are often missed and can add a great deal of value onto houses in the Barnet area that are fortunate enough to possess them.


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