Floor sanding in Hounslow

At Floor Renovations, we're at hand if you need floor sanding in Hounslow. Just call 020 8368 5705 and we can visit you for a quick quotation, with our best online prices!

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Sanding wood floors in Hounslow, North London

For floor sanding in Hounslow, London you can call us on 020 8368 5705. Services include staining and sealing and re-varnishing of sanded floors and floor repair as necessary. Rather than call, you can use our online enquiry form If you prefer, and we'll call you, giving you a free, no obligation quotation.

Floor sanding and sealing in Hounslow, London
At Floor Renovations we're within easy reach of you, if your in Hounslow and want floor sanding. We can carry out wooden floor repair and floor sanding at great value and affordable prices and give you free on-site estimates, without obligation on your part... so call us now!

In Hounslow, many houses have wooden floors (but, if you're already looking for wood floor sanding services and are living in the area, then I'm sure you?re probably quite aware of that!). Because of the many different period builds of the local housing stock, there are often wonderful wood floors laying waiting to be rediscovered, under old carpets and lino. Often, these hidden treasures can be missed - which is especially a shame as they may add a great deal of value to the houses in the Barnet area that are fortunate enough to have them within!

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Historical note: Did you know that, although the origin of the name Hounslow is uncertain,  It may be derived from the Anglo-Saxon Honeslaw (which means land that is suitable for hunting)? The age of the area is indicative of the tyes of houses that can be found there, with many older stock houses with traditional wooden floors and even parquet floors. Do you have one of these floors, just waiting to be discovered? Hounslow was formerly centred around the Holy Trinity Priory, which developed a small village into a thriving market town and staging post for travellers. For more information on Hounslow's history, click here.

At Floor Renovations we are within easy access of Hounslow and as such, we offer floor sanding and staining, throughout the surrounding areas and in London. We also offer wooden floor repairs and varnishing etc. With our North London location, we're also a stone's throw from other boroughs like Ealing and islington. Where it is necessary and in order to give you an accurate quotation, we will come to your site and confirm prices. It is a matter of pride to us that we are very keenly priced, whilst still, offering fantastic value for money, at the same time.


Thank you for visiting. Please call us on 020 8368 5705, or use the online enquiry form to get your free quotation for your  floor repair / floor sanding requirements?


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