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At Floor Renovations, we're just a short journey from Havering, being just forty minutes or so away in Barnet, North London. As such, we can easily visit you to give you a free quotation.

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Our services for Floor sanding Havering

At Floor Renovations we have a large range of services specifically for wooden floors. So, if you've uncovered that 'wonderful hidden gem' of a wooden floor, then we can help. You'd be surprised at how often people discover an old wooden floor lurking beneath worn out carpet or linoleum. Or perhaps you've lived with your wood floor for years and now it's looking a little care warn? Call us on 020 8368 5705, or use our online enquiry form, and we can quote you for the job. We're not all about sanding, either. We can also repair and replace floor boards, mend parquet and other floor types, fill cracks, stain and wax your floors. Just ask, and we'll tell you how we can help you.

Why Havering has so many properties that need floor sanding?

Floor sanding in Havering, by Floor Renovations

So, if you're searching for a floor sanding company in the Havering area, then we can help you. We're only a short drive away and can easily and quickly visit you for a quotation.

Historically wooden floors have been added: Havering originated in Anglo-Saxon times, when it consisted of Havering Palace and surrounding lands, which belonged to the Kind. Considerable urbanisation has occurred during the last century which explains the large stock of houses that have wooden floors which need to be sanded occasionally (see below). The urbanisation was due to the spread of the underground system into the area and subsequent house building which followed new industries in the area. For further information on Havering, click here.

There is a large diversity of residential buildings in Havering. Two main suburban developments have taken place. The first was in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, being mainly middle class properties. Another development in the 1930s, was mostly working class houses, springing up along the new underground line routes, and reflecting the new local factory jobs that had been created. This wonderful heritage of buildings in Havering, means that many of these older styles will include wooden flooring or floor boards - often fantastic wooden floors, which will need maintaining from time to time...


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So if you're looking for floor sanding and you're in the Havering area (we cover the whole of the London and surrounding areas!) call us on 020 8368 5705 or simply use the online enquiry form, to get your free quotation, with no obligation on your part.

Last update: 20.09.2016