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Terms of service


1) A free quotation will be provided at the time of the site visit.

2) There is no charge for a site visit.

3) Prices quoted are for empty rooms unless previously agreed at the time of quoting. Extra charges are made for furniture and carpet or lino removal and disposal.

4) Quotes are valid for up to a year unless there have been any price changes on the website and are valid for thirty days without checking for price changes. If no changes to prices have occurred on the website, prices are likely to remain valid beyond a year, so please simply check with us to see.

5) Parking is payable by the client in addition to any quotation while the work is undertaken.

Before we arrive

6) We will agree a date for the work with you and will then arrive on the start date to commence the work.

7) Changes in date.

a) If you need to change dates, wherever possible we will accommodate changes in dates if there is availability in the schedule.

b) There is no charge for cancellation.

c) We request that you let us know any changes in dates or that you intend to cancel at your earliest possible opportunity.

During the work

8) We require the rooms to be free of other tradesmen in order for us to be allowed full access to the room.

9) If parking permits are required, this should be arranged by the customer before we arrive.

10) Upon arrival for the job, rooms must already be empty of furniture, rubbish and with no carpet or lino.

11) If you change your mind on colours or finishes during the work, we will re do the work at an agreed price.

12) At the end of the renovation you as the client will need to inspect the floor before we leave in order to sign off that you are happy.


13) Payment is strictly due in full on the date of completion

After work is complete:

14) Allow any finish to cure etc. for at last 24 hours.


15) Guarantee - We guarantee that you, as a client will be satisfied with the work at the end of the job.

We have never had a situation where people are not satisfied!  You can see our many happy clients at Google, Facebook and on our Testimonial page and testimonials throughout this site.

Last update: 17.12.2018