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"Vass and Stephen have just sanded my floor in the lounge and they've also done the bedroom as well... There was concrete filled in and loads of repairs around the edges.They even repaired places where I didn't point out, and it looks so much better than I expected... Thank you so much! It's nice to find a team that take pride in their work."

Here are a series of pictures showing work at an Ealing home. The floor was Parquet and the beauty of the flooring had been dulled through years of use. It was time to refresh the wood with a good sand and varnish. 

Old Parquet floor, seen here partially sanded
The original floor was tired and warn through years of faithful service (here seen partly sanded).

The Parquet floor extended into the hallway, too and shows how warn the wood surface had become

Parquet floor, after sanding and a nice coat or two of varnish.
After sanding and revarnishing, the parquet floor reveals its true natural beauty of the wood

Sanding of wood floors in Ealing, London

Wooden floors can last for hundreds of years. However, if you leave cracks and defects for too long, it can result in the deterioration of your flooring. In addition, old surfaces can appear to be beyond redemption, but it is surprising how well most flooring will come back to an excellent condition, even after covering in old varnish or years of neglect.  Marks from carpets, building work and old varnish are common in older floors, such as those in some of Ealing's older housing stock. But these blemishes and imperfections can usually be erased or vastly improved, given the correct repair and treatment.  The right staining, waxing or varnishing usually brings the newly repaired wood back to a great looking surface.


Why so many houses with wooden floors in Ealing?

Floor sanding in Ealing, North London
Floor sanding in Ealing is often necessary to help preserve or improve the wonderful wooden floors that often grace older properties in the area.

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Historical note: Why does Ealing have so many houses with old wooden floors?  Starting life as rural village in Middlesex, Ealing then formed an ancient parish. Gradually, Ealing became linked closer to London, and the opening of a station in 1838 encouraged economic and suburban development. As part of the dramatic 20th century's growth of London, Ealing has  expanded and significantly increased in population, developing into a municipal borough in 1901 and since 1965 has been part of Greater London. See more on Ealing's history here.

Because of it's history, Ealing has many houses of older types, where there are either floorboards or other wooden flooring, such as parquet. This is down to the age of the housing stock and unfortunately, many of these floors are buried under carpets, lino, or are considered too worn to repair.


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