Floor sanding & finishing: Tips of the trade


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We are nearly always asked whether any decorating should be done before or after the floor sanding process takes place and our answer is always the same; before please. The reason for this is because we take so much care over our sanding work that we make less mess than any decorators!

The only things which may require a little work afterwards are the skirting boards as they may become slightly scuffed because our sanders work right up to the edge, so they may need to be touched up afterwards.

Dust extraction

Clients in general are often concerned about the dust we may make during the sanding operation but they need not be concerned because we use state of the art sanders with automatic dust extractors and for modern flat and level floors there really is virtually no dust at all, much less than your decorators for example.

We rarely need to mention this to clients, but in practice we more often than not leave the property cleaner than when we started the job.

Gap Filling

Yes we fill the gaps where necessary, in fact this is a very important part of the operation. Wooden floors flex and move so first of all we have to make sure the boards are fixed down as perfectly as is possible.

Briefly, it is then necessary to vacuum between the boards or the filler we put in will just stick to dust and will come out the next time our client hoovers.

That done we use a resin and sawdust two part resin which remains flexible after it has cured.

You may think that gap filling is a job for a 'boy' but in fact it requires the attentions of a skilled person who has a great deal of experience with wooden flooring.

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Last update: 13.09.2018