Parquet floor restoration London

At Floor Renovations, we are specialists in wooden floor restoration London-wide. Parquet flooring has a long history of use in the UK and is made of many different types of wood. It makes a beautiful floor surface and is hard wearing and comfortable to walk on, being warmer than many other hard floor coverings.


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Because it was once popular and then fell out of fashion in the eighties in the UK, many people, especially in London, have hidden treasures under carpets and vinyl floors that they are simply unaware of. If you are lucky enough to be one of the people who does have one of these floors, you may be in need of parquet floor restoration. If you're London based, or close to London, then we can help you! Just call us on 020 8368 5705, or use our online enquiry form and we'll be glad to give you a price, without any obligation on your part.

Parquet floor facts and history

Parquet floor restoration in progressWe won't go into detailed facts here, but you can also see our article on parquet floors from the 1930s onwards and here are some facts and figures from Wikipedia.

The name comes from the Old French parchet (for more details see the Wikipedia article). Different wood types are used such as oak, walnut, lime, pine, cherry, and even maple and these are also used to vary the grain and colour of the material to give better pattern differentiation.

Cleaning an maintenance of Parquet floors after restoration

Once you've had your Parquet floor restored, how do you care for it? In every-day use, your parquet floor can simply be swept clean. Occasionally, a mop may be needed. One thing you should never do, however, is to vacuum clean your floor with any powered brushes, such as is found on an upright vacuum cleaner. The brushes can capture grit and effectively scour and scratch the surface, so you will wear it more quickly.

So, remember that if you have one of these beautiful floors that needs repair or restoration, just call us on 020 8368 5705, or use our online enquiry form and we'll be delighted to help.

Last update: 09.10.2015