Parquet floor sanding

Click here for your free quotationPreparing the parquet before sanding

Before we start sanding there are several jobs that are required in order to make a good job.

Previous parquet treatments

On many floors, we may have to clean off the old finish layer on your parquet floor using white spirit before sanding. Why is this? Well, layers of wax that have been laid down will clog the sand grains as they pull this wax off. In this way, an unprepared floor will use-up the sanding paper very quickly. This would make the job more expensive and tie consuming, as well as not result in as good a finish in the same time.

Pre-sanding repairs

If repairs are necessary, any damaged or missing parquet pieces are replaced with an appropriate match of wood, depending upon the wood type used for the room. We take care to match the parquet pieces to provide as seamless a finish as we can. Preparation aids the finished result. 

Final once over

We will then vacuum-clean the floor and whilst doing this give a final visual inspection of the surface.

Sanding commences

Once the floor is pre prepared, repaired and cleaned, we can start the sanding process using a belt-sander.

Sanding parquet floorBecause of the method and the machinery we use, the endless sanding paper won't leave scatter marks on your parquet floor.

In order to sand the edges and the corners of the room we use an edge-sander.

To provide a uniform result, sanding starts at one wall of the room 'walking' the belt-sander across to the other wall, and then we walk back, thus sanding over the same area. When we have finished the last row, we redo the whole room in the same way, turning 90 degrees.

Now the parquet flooring is sanded and ready for finishes to be applied.

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