Parquet floor cleaning

When cleaning parquet make sure you don't scor it with a harsh vacuum cleaner brush!The new or restored parquet floor can be cleaned daily using dry methods such as vacuuming (do not use an upright hoover using the main hoover with a brush cleaner, as this may scour and pit the surface) or damp-cleaning if necessary. Often, when used for cleaning hard surfaces like parquet, modern vacuum cleaners will have a switch to turn off the brushes. This will help preserve the parquet surface finish when cleaning. So if you're someone who prefers to use the vacuum cleaner everywhere, rather than picking up a broom and dust pan, then maybe it's time to invest in a new vacuum cleaner with the right facilities if your old one doesn't have them and you want to keep your wooden floor looking spick and span!

Do not use water to clean parquet floors, always use a manufacturers recommended cleaner. Standing water can stain or damage the wood.

We advise you to use cleaning products that can be used on wooden floor. Re-coating products used for the parquet floor depend upon the amount of traffic you expect to have.

To sum up -  as with all wooden floors, keeping parquet clean and cleaning regularly with the right products should help you maintain a smart look.

Last updated 10.6.16

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