Quality Floor Sanding

Sanding makes your floor look new again. The floor sanding process requires good quality machinery and skilled technicians that know all aspects of wooden flooring. Our floor sanding process includes the following:

  • Fix down any loose boards where possible
  • Punch down all nails
  • Gap filling if necessary

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About the equipment

Quality equipment leads to better quality work and an overall beter finish. To this end, we believe in using only the best quality equipment that we can for sanding wooden floors. This is because no matter how skilled one may be, only by using appropriate, well designed tools and machinery, will you achieve the best results for the customer.

The Bona Super 10 Belt Sander means faster sanding, offering 25% more sanding drum surface than standard 8" machines. The Super 10 is engineered to provide maximum performance, efficiency and manoeuvrability. In addition to the increased drum size, the Super 10 has an enlarged dust tube and increased fan speed for superior dust pickup.

Your house may be hiding it's best assets!

Professionally sanded floorboards or parquet can look as good as and even better than new expensive flooring, so always consider what you have and whether it can be refurbished before you buy  new flooring for your property. You may be astounded by the results that are possible, so please get in touch. For a FREE, no obligation quote, click here.


Last update: 15.11.2018