Sanding hardwood floors

We are experts when it comes to sanding hardwood floors and restoring them to their natural beautiful selves, in fact we work with any type of wood, hard or soft such as oak, pine, lime, maple, bamboo, mahogany and walnut.

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The more common hardwoods include oak, ash, sycamore, elm, birch, maple, cherry and beech, whilst the rarer ones from the tropics can be teak, mahogany and ebony.

Many of the latter are unavailable today unless sourced from sustainable, managed forests. One exception is commercially grown pine as is technically a softwood, but which is hard-wearing and versatile, and excellent for flooring.

You will no doubt already know that your hardwood floor can be turned into one of the best features of your house, and one which will last for a lifetime or two if looked after properly, so that is where we enter the fray, to sand, finish and polish your floor and bring it back to its original state, or as near as is possible to do.

A great many of our clients take 'before and after' pictures and frame them as keepsakes and talking points; all of which is good for us because it means that our hard work is being appreciated.

If your floors are cared for, hardwood or not, they'll add style and value to your home for many, many years as wood never goes out of fashion.

We regard the sanding and finishing of hardwood floors as more of an art form that a mere job in hand.

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Last update: 03.05.2016