Are wooden or parquet  floors better if you have pets?

That was a question asked us recently, and it brought to mind some very happy memories of when we had our Border Collie, Micky who loved nothing better than a good 'mad hour' rampaging around the house on the parquet flooring.

Now we had this doggie from the age of 4 weeks and at that age his nose end touched my wrist while the tip of his tail touched my finger ends. He was tiny and would fit into a pint pot with room to spare. At that age he wasn't too active though it wasn't long before he was, and how!

We had hardwood floors in that house and when Micky ran around as he was want to do, he naturally skidded when he tried to come to a stop.

Well ok, had there been a carpet down he wouldn't have skidded, but it was comical to see him do it every time, but had there been a carpet down we could have had other problems.

Well first of all we had recently had the hardwood floor sanded and polished which made it slippery for our mutt, but which was perfectly fine when we walked on it with soft shoes.

But consider the problems with having a fitted carpet and you will probably see why it is more labour saving to have wooden floors when you have pets. For a start, a quick sweep round your wooden floor will get rid or any cat or dog hairs which pets shed naturally, but these same hairs stick to carpets and defy the most powerful of vacuum cleaners.

There is also the little problem of fleas. Now don't switch off, but it is a fact of life that pets have fleas and worms now and then. That they pick them up from other animals or grasses you can do little to nothing about, but when they actually have fleas you can treat your pet.

Do you ever treat your nice, warm carpet though because your carpet will be harbouring those little beasties? They don?t help asthma sufferers either.

So, to answer the question we were asked; you may be far healthier if you have pets and wooden floors.

Last update: 10.06.2016