Gap filling and finishing

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Gap filling would be required if you have separations between boards depending on the size of gaps and in case of any drafts coming up under the house.Gap filling is a method of glue/resin mixed with saw dust.A water based filler products are specially designed to be mixed with sanding dust and also for filling gaps between floorboards and parquet blocks. The material can be sand and used with all finishes.

Finished floors provide a smooth and beautiful surface. We only use BonaKemi water based varnishes that are easy to apply, hard wearing and environmentally friendly. BonaKemi- Spectra, Mega or Traffic, depending on the amount of traffic the floor is received. They come in a choice of gloss, satin and matt. We apply at least 3 coats of varnish.


  • Wear & scuff resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Safe & easy to use
  • All in one solution for great floors with no mixing.

With a high resistance to wear scratches & scuff marks, Bona Mega offers an all in one solution for areas of heavy wear.

Without the need for mixing with other products, this one-component, polyurethane, clear finish has the performance of many two-component finishes. Available in gloss, matt and silk matt.

Safe, quick and easy to use, the Bona Mega waterborne system has a solvent content of just 5%.

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Last update: 12.10.2015