Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Where you supply us with your contact details, we do not share your  name, address telephone number or e-mail address with third parties other than in servicing your enquiries or orders. Your details are not placed in a database by us for marketing purposes, unless you specifically opt in, by joining our newsletter subscription, which allows opt out at any time.


With enquiries, we anonymously monitor where the enquiries originated from to get to our site, and which page was first and last to be viewed before the enquiry was made. No private information is collected during this process.


Cookies on our website

You can easily opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting using which allows management of these cookies within a simple interface, letting you switch the tracking on and off as you wish.

Cookies are used on our website to monitor visitors anonymously, using Google Analytics and through Google and Facebook pixels.

We may carry out conversion tracking monitoring to see the keywords used by customers and which convert into leads. Conversions aren't isolated: this means that we cannot match conversion data to specific customers, and can just see overall data for ads and keywords, so your privacy is protected.




Terms and conditions

A full list of terms and conditions is provided with our written quotation  during or after our site visit. The quotation is provided without obligation..

Last update: 03.05.2016