About us!

Who are Floor Renovations?

At Floor Renovations, we've been sanding and repairing wooden floors since 2006 and are experts in our field. So, who are we?

Floor sanding in London, but Floor Renovations, sanding experts 

We are a Family run business, in North London, consisting of a husband and wife team.

We will reply to your call promptly if unavailable immediately, so please leave a message if you get an answer phone - we're probably just on the other line! :-)

Who will visit you?

Our main floor sanding expert will make any site visits to assess floor sanding jobs.

Testimonial froma recent customer.

Affectionately known as 'Vass' to our customers, if you decide to go ahead, he will generally be the person who carries out your floor sanding and sealing. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the job, which is reflected in the consistent high standards and excellent five star ratings that we receive from our clients.


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Last update: 16.08.2016